Nothing messes with a perfectly good decor arrangement like a badly placed artwork. If your living room has been irking you for some mysterious reason, we bet that your wall hanging is to blame.

Fear not, for we’ve got you covered. Our handy guide below will help you identify which common art-hanging mistake you’ve been making.

Mistake #1: Hanging Art Too High

You’ve placed your nail too high there, sister—your artwork is floating in an abyss of white space above your sofa. To tie the pieces together (and make your room more visually harmonious), place your nail at roughly five inches of space between the bottom of your art and the top of your furniture.

Mistake #2: Pairing Small Art with Large Pieces:

The scale here is all wrong, and it tricks the a space is smaller than it actually is. To fix this, reframe your art using a wide matte border or you can add other small pieces to create a pixie gallery. If that’s not your style, just swap in a larger piece entirely.The key to keeping art proportional is choosing pieces that are about two-thirds the length of your furniture.

Mistake #3: Grouping Corresponding Art Too Far Apart

This arrangement makes your art look like they hate each other and it’s awkward for everyone. Whether you’re hanging twin paintings or simply grouping two pieces of art together to act as one, make sure they’re cozied up to one another with no more than three inches separating the frames.