We Love You But We Might Just Love our handy Guides More! Here’s our Quick Guide To Buying The Right Bedroom Furniture.

After a long hard day at work coupled with the added stress of sitting through Lagos traffic jams, you’ll need a sanctuary where you can rest, relax and recharge your batteries for a new day. This is why buying the right kind furniture to go with your decor and lifestyle is a must.  Your home should be a place where you can relax, unwind and feel safe; your bedroom even more so, as it is the most intimate of all the rooms in your house.

As such, you’d want your bedroom furniture to blend in with your decor in order to create that soothing, cozy atmosphere that turns your bedroom into your personal getaway.



Now, while we want our homes looking super stylish, You don’t necessarily have to break the bank to achieve a beautifully furnished bedroom. The secret lies in the ability to select bedroom furniture pieces and accessories that will not only look right in the room but also fit comfortably with your personal style and is easy to live with. So let’s get right down to our quick guide to buying the right bedroom furniture.

1. Space: 

The size of the bedroom is the first thing to take note of, so it is important that you measure your bedroom and the furniture you intend to purchase. Once this is done, the next question you should be asking is:

  • how does this furniture fit?
  • Is it cozy or would it make your room look cramped?
  • Is it functional or decorative?

Do not forget that when the bedroom space is not large enough as many of Nigerians can attest to, choosing the right furniture for your small bedroom can maximize space and make a pint-size room look larger than its actual square footage.



2. Decide What You Need:  

Identify which pieces you’ll need for your bedroom decor style before you begin shopping as you’ll be less likely to buy items that you don’t need.

You need to figure out if you want a bedpost that attaches to a frame or you would prefer a bed with a standard headboard. Will a chest of drawers provide enough storage for you or will you also need a nightstand? Do you want bedside tables on both sides of the bed or just on one side?


3. The budget: 

How much are you willing to spend to achieve your desired level of comfort? would you be hunting for bargains, shopping in flea markets and thrifts stores or would you be raiding the luxury stores?

These are a few important questions you need to answer before going shopping for your bedroom furniture.

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Author’s Note: I originally wrote this article on DomesticoTips blog, but it was just too good not to share.