We all have that awkward corridor (also known as a hallway, but I just prefer saying corridor) that leads from our living room to pretty much everywhere else. It could be long or short, wide or narrow depending on the size of the house but one thing they all have in common in every home – well, most homes – is that they are left bland. Blank. Empty. 

Corridors are such interesting spaces but sadly often overlooked. We hardly put much thought into decorating it, even though it is the first place we see when we come out of the bedroom each morning and the last place before going to sleep. Today, we will give them the accolades they deserve. Take a look at these 5 quick tips for styling the best hallway ever and watch the awkward corridor become a Swan.

1. Paint It!


I find that one of the easiest ways to brighten up a space is to paint it a bright color! Take a color that’s already in your home and choose the brightest on the same color swatch. Or you can go for something totally different and surprising for some added pizzazz. If you are craving more color in your home, then your hallways and stairwells are the perfect spots to do so.

2. Run A Rug!


You already know that rugs are a quick way to change up a space. Put a colorful runner in your hallway that will greet you with a pattern and a smile every morning.

3. Hang Some Art!


Long hallways are perfect for one thing: statement art! A couple compatible pieces lined in a row gives a very clean and modern effect, whether you use paintings or prints or even large family photos.

4. Floor-less Focal Point! (Get it?)


Normally a hallway tile is an extension of any tiling already being used Around the house. For instance, a tile used in a kitchen/dining area is followed through into the hallway to give a consistent feel to the flooring and will make the area feel larger. Alternatively, I suggest a switch up! The hallway CAN be made a feature, such as an encaustic or a traditional Victorian chequerboard.


Got wood floor? Consider painting it. A gradient pattern like this one would basically be the focal point of your hallway. Or you could paint it all one color for a smooth look and easy cleaning.

5. Organize It!


What better way to make better use of your corridor than to make it work for You?  you can put this otherwise blank space to good use just by spending an hour or so getting it organized, and poof! that poorly utilized space will become a dream area.

  • By running lengths of peg rails along the walls you can create clever storage solutions and can hang not just coats and hats but bags or even gardening equipment such as watering cans, brushes and towels.
  • Add a run of overhead shelving above for around head height to store art, boxes and baskets or to keep shoes and bits and bobs off the floor. Keep the clutter under control as all too often a corridor or hallway can become a dumping ground. Make sure there’s a home for everything and everything has a home.
  • And if your Corridor or hallway is wide enough, you may use it as a bookshelf. Simply line up your shelves against one length of the wall and you are good to go.

That’s it fam! Easy abi? Which one will you try? And if you have any other fun ideas, do Share with us.