Our Story


Just like you, all we wanted was a good nights sleep, and a place to buy ridiculously comfortable sheets without breaking the bank.

Founder’s Note

Comfort is everything to me. I created Natu & Co. out of a need to help people start and end their days feeling their very best – and that begins with better sheets for a better night’s sleep. Coming from a history of troubled sleep and highly sensitive skin, the idea Natu & Co. was born in 2016.

I had just moved to Lagos and was excited about setting up my new home. As with all new homes, mine needed brand new furniture, sheets included. I began a search for good quality comfy sheets to buy, but the ones I came across in shops were either of low quality, too abrasive for my sensitive skin or far too expensive. I did see some lovely high quality ones, which I found in the upscale shops; but of course, with a designer label came a very high price tag.

With this discovery I realized there was a hole in the market – and saw a true business opportunity. I launched Natu & Co in 2017 as an online-only, direct-to-consumer brand focused on creating impeccable bedding, towels and other home essentials at affordable prices.

sophie-david-mbamara- founder-natu-&-co-signature

Sophie David-Mbamara, Founder and CEO

Our Mission

At Natu & Co. it is our mission to not only offer the best stylish and affordable designer quality sheets on the market, but to build a global community around sleep, wellness and sustainable living.


Redefining Comfort

We are Simple. We are unique. We are ridiculously cosy.

Your sleep and comfort is our first priority and as such we are always discovering new techniques to serve better sleep. Our products are designed in Lagos, sourced organically and crafted by experts ─ each sheet made with the comfort of the user in mind.

Every bedding item has been carefully designed and packaged to deliver an exquisite performance and a night of good dreams. Your sleep health is very important to us and so we only choose the finest selection of fabrics because the superb softness and feel from a succulent bed makes us all happy!

We are that brand that grows with you

We are that brand that is present at every major turn in your life – from baby steps like getting into university, acquiring that first job and apartment in a big city to starting a family and home— we will be there every step of the way.


Every product must be Awesome, Feel Awesome and Look Awesome.

From duvet covers with button closures to pillowcases with special tucks, our home essentials feature smart details unique to the brand. Every stitch is sewn with care and detail to ensure top-quality and luxury with a foundation in softness, strength and the richness of cotton hand-picked to maintain the strength of its fibre.

Our practices feed off years of research and refined strategies, as well as continuously listening to the needs of our consumers. From our fabric selection to the elegance of our designs and with every delivery, we don’t just send a product! We send you high-quality sleep refined in luxury for a better lifestyle!

What we’ve created is a product assortment which supports the needs – and wants – of modern shoppers that seek both quality and aesthetic; our mission being to reshape the way bedding and sleep culture is perceived in Nigeria.


We Do It For The Earth.

Natu & Co. is serving good sleep and Eco-awareness.

We contribute to the well-being of our growing society on a daily basis with initiatives to not only add value and foster quality lifestyle and good health, But to also create awareness on the effects of our consumer habits on the planet. In a bid to enforce our reuse and recycle campaign, Our home essentials are safely made without any harmful chemicals or synthetics and We use Eco-friendly reusable bags for our packaging.

With an aim to improve quality of lifestyle, we have laid out a helping hand starting among ourselves and within our community, through the sharing of knowledge and information for best lifestyle practices in the society. We continue to build and support relationships, collaborate and network with organizations that are committed to giving back to strengthen the society and economy for growth and expansion.

Made just for you, Yes you.

Our customers are modern shoppers who are not only interested in functionality, but demand quality as well as aesthetics, And are very much aware of the impact of their consumption on the environment and their personal health. We address this need by providing bedding and Lifestyle products that are of great quality, aesthetically unique, functional and toxin free.