Our Story

We make modern bedding, bath & decor essentials for your comfort.

Simple, Elegant & Unique.

We take great pride in pushing new frontiers in the modern bedding industry.

Founder’s Note

Hi! My name is Sophie and im the Founder of Natu & Co. I am an accountant turned Entrepreneur , a lifestyle and sleep wellness activisit. I like to call myself a simple bedding maker.

I created Natu & Co. out of a need to help people start and end their days feeling their very best – and that begins with better sheets for a better night’s sleep.

In my first month in business, A customer asked me WHY.

Why luxury, she said. Why handmade? Why the emphasis on quality over quantity when you could be making more money?
I smiled.

I’m a very sensual woman, I said. ‘I feel things’.

I like to feel my sheets beneath me; I want my sheets to feel like the softest whisper of a caress against my skin. I like to come home at night to my bed knowing that its a safe haven of comfort. For me, it’s not just about the sheets. It’s setting the right ambiance for an orgasmic experience.

And I want everyone to have that.

I made it my mission to not only offer the best sheets on the market but to also inspire a community around sleep, wellness and creating a sustainable lifestyle. In 2017, Natu & Co. launched with an assortment of Bedding, and today we continue to make exceptional products that deliver the very best quality to you and your family.

sophie-david-mbamara- founder-natu-&-co-signature

Sophie David-Mbamara, Founder and CEO


Quality First

Made with love, by the world’s best.

Our products are designed in Lagos, Nigeria, Hand tucked with so much love by Sophie and fabrics are responsibly manufactured by expert craftsmen around the globe.

We use only the finest materials: 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton and Sateen, pure European wool for our Flannel, and 100% Turkish cotton for our Towels.

We believe that details make the difference.
From duvet covers with button closures to pillowcases with special tucks, our home essentials feature smart details unique to the brand.