Why sleep coaching?

Sleeping can seem so hard when it just won’t come. You lie awake, waiting, waiting, and waiting. Perhaps you’ve been sleeping badly for so long that you have become used to it.

Many of my sleep coaching clients tell me that they are just ‘born insomniacs’. But, let me reassure you – finding it hard to sleep doesn’t mean you are abnormal or doomed to bad sleep forever. Personally, I suffered chronic insomnia for over a decade— since I was 13.

In the last 5 years, I have gone from not sleeping at all to teaching people how to improve their sleep, working with busy people who have been sleeping badly for years just like me. I can tell you honestly that every single client of mine has experienced better sleep in just a few weeks.

Why? Sleep coaching works because I combine proven tools and techniques for sleeping better, with a personalized approach tailored to your unique lifestyle; offering guidance, support, and the motivation you need. I specialize in helping people overcome sleep problems related to work stress, anxiety, sleep anxiety, general insomnia, circadian rhythms, and lifestyle (that we often discover together!).

If you are not sure what’s keeping you up at night and you would like to speak to someone who takes a holistic approach, book a discovery call and I’d be happy to discuss options with you.



What to expect from your sleep coach


With Sleep Coaching, you take the stress out of sleeping.

♦ Get a deep understanding of your own sleep
♦ Find out why you are not sleeping well
♦ Change your habits and attitudes around sleep
♦ Be guided personally, by a sleep expert
♦ Receive regular support and motivation
♦ Make changes that last

Through active listening, Your sleep coach will explore your sleep with you in a completely new way and guide you to fully understanding your situation and the factors affecting your sleep.
You will receive a personalized sleep plan that you can apply easily to suit your lifestyle. Your plan is unique to you, tailored to your own goals, personality, and sleep situation.
You coach will help you cultivate a positive mindset needed for relaxation of mind and body, and peaceful sleep
Using guided meditation, your coach will teach you prime relaxation techniques to quiet your mind and body while enhancing inner peace and lulling you to sleep.
We will be with you on your sleep journey, every single step of the way. That’s a promise.

Sleep For Individuals

Wake up smiling again!
Discover how to fix and master your sleep with our one-on-one sleep coaching session. learn everything you need to know about your sleep and get a personal sleep plan by working with a sleep coach. See real results after just 1 or 2 sessions.

Sleep For Companies

With our Sleep Conference, Sleep Workshop & one-on-one Sleep Coaching, we are offering leading companies a new way to increase energy, performance, Boost productivity, promote staff well-being, and team spirit in your company by giving people the tools and support to sleep better!