Where are your bedding products made?

All our bedding are made in our home factory here in Lagos. Our Cotton and sateen are sourced organically and made out of long-staple Egyptian cotton. Our flannel is spun from pure wool. Made in Nigeria, our bedding basics are available in hypoallergenic down alternative filling.

What is the thread count of your Bedding?

Thread count actually isn’t the best way to measure the quality of your Bedding – in fact, it’s largely a marketing gimmick – which is why you won’t find it listed in our product descriptions. To learn more about the thread count myth and the best way to determine the quality of your Sheets, read our Blog story here‎.

What is the difference between Cotton, Sateen and Flannel?

Both Cotton and Sateen are made using the finest long-staple Egyptian cotton – the difference is a result of how they’re woven.

Our cotton is cool and crisp to the touch. This fabric is very breathable and will get softer with continued use. Many brands use synthetic finishes to expedite this process, but this is something we have chosen to avoid.

Our Sateen is extremely soft and smooth. We often refer to it as the matte Sateen since it doesn’t have the overly shiny appearance typically associated with satin. It’s lustrous, elegant and the most luxurious of our fabrics.

Our Flannel is the thickest of the lot. It is soft and warm, wooly and a bit fuzzy to the touch.

How do I care for my bedding?

Visit our blog story to learn the best ways to do so.

Can I mix and match within a Set?

Our Sets are pre-bundled, and you cannot mix and match size, color or fabric. However – with the exception of our limited edition Duvet Cover Sets – all Bedding items can be purchased a la carte, so you can mix and match as you like.

Why do your bedding  & duvet cover sets come with a fitted sheet?

With the exception of the Cci bundle sets, all Comforter and duvet cover sets are designed without a top sheet because we believe that’s a personal preference. However, Top sheets can be purchased a la carte.

What if I want the set, but without the fitted sheet?

You can opt to purchase the duvet cover/comforter as a single unit + a flat sheet to match with it. All items are available a la carte.

How deep are your Fitted Sheets?

Our Fitted Sheets are designed to fit mattresses up to 12″ deep. For more information, please click on the “Size Guide” link found on each product page.


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